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Our summer menu

Two delicious new Romana pizzas join our range this summer: Funghi di Bosco - Portobello mushroom with tomato & mozzarella; and Roasted Veg & Ricotta - peppers, courgettes and aubergine with ricotta & mozzarella.
Plus, great news. You can now enjoy any of our pizzas, from the American to the Veneziana, on a Leggera base. Each pizza has less than 600 calories!


Delivery & Collection

There are so many ways to enjoy our delicious pizza. We deliver through Deliveroo.

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School Visit

School visits

We want to help make cooking exciting for children, so we run free visits for local primary schools and turn our kitchens into classrooms. The kids have a great experience while picking up some useful skills. If you'd like to get involved, please contact your nearest restaurant to find out when they're available.


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