You may not be able to rely on the weather
but you can always rely on us.

At Milano, we’ve always seen pizza as the perfect sidekick to summer. So wherever you are, make us your go-to destination and we'll bring you a little sunshine in ways you won’t expect.

NEW Milano Crocchette

Because some definitely like it hot. Creamy chicken and gorgonzola cheese crocchette rolled in breadcrumbs and baked until crisp, served with Frank’s RedHot® Buffalo Wing dipping sauce.

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NEW Pollo Milanese

Warm, breaded whole chicken breast with rocket, shaved Gran Milano cheese and roasted tomatoes, served with a little pesto sidekick.

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NEW Vegan Giardiniera

Made in Italy using Italian ingredients, our new vegan mozzarella alternative melts perfectly in our pizza oven and gives a creamy finish to any recipe. This one combines flavoursome artichokes with our new asparagus, red onion, garlic oil, black olives and seasoning on a classic dough and passata base.

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NEW Summer Tiramisu

Our light and fruity twist on this traditional Italian dessert: layers of ladyfingers soaked in Vin Santo wine, mascarpone cream and sweet strawberry purée, served with strawberry and mint.

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NEW Hugo ‘Milano’

Fizz, meet elderflower. Refreshing Prosecco over ice, topped with elderflower, lemon and mint.

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