Dine-in Safety Information

We can’t wait to have you back in our pizzerias, however, if you or anyone in your household are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit any of our pizzerias.

When visiting our pizzerias please ensure all Country, Government and Local guidelines are followed, to ensure your booking/visit to our pizzeria meets the required restrictions.

Please check the latest restrictions for your area by clicking the following link - Ireland

Local restrictions will also be displayed at the entrance to all our pizzerias. Below, you will find several FAQ’s on our safety measures that we have in our pizzerias to keep you and our teams safe.

  • For the latest information on government guidance, please select a pizzeria before booking to confirm which tier or restrictions they have and whether they are dine in, currently closed or available for takeaway.
  • You will be required to provide your contact details for track and trace purposes, A QR code will be available at the door for you to scan and enter your details , alternatively a member of our team will be able to take these details from you.
  • For information on the maximum number of people you can book for and guidance on local restrictions as well as those set by the devolved Governments, please see the information on your local pizzerias booking page

Do I have to wear a face covering in the pizzeria when I come for my visit?

Yes, customers must wear a face covering (unless exempt). You may only remove your face covering whilst at your table when about to eat or drink. Your face covering must be worn when moving around the pizzeria including visits to the toilet.

What do I do when I get to the pizzeria? Can I just grab a table?

Please wait at the entrance to be greeted and we will show you to your table. If the entrance is occupied, please wait outside to allow for physical distancing, until the entrance is clear.

Is there a one way system in place?

Whether you are dining inside or Alfresco, our teams will greet you and take you to the table. Where there are one way systems in place, these will be signed accordingly.

Why are some of your teams not wearing a face covering?

All of our team members are required to wear face coverings. Our team members who are exempt will be wearing a badge/ lanyard on their apron and a face shield. We are mindful and respectful of such circumstances for our customers as well, so please kindly let our team know if you are exempt if asked.

What safety precautions are in place to protect customers and teams?

We’ve introduced a range of measures to keep our customers and teams safe and socially distant while still offering delicious food and great service. These include:

  • New physically distanced layouts in our pizzerias.
  • New routines to minimise physical contact and maintain distance when setting, serving and clearing tables.
  • A new digital menu and cashless payment to encourage social distancing and assist customers.
  • Customer hand sanitiser stations in all our pizzerias.
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes that include the sanitisation of all contact surfaces at least every two hours.
  • A culture of handwashing which our teams complete every 20 minutes on top of normal handwashing that is needed to maintain food safety standards.
  • Enhanced health and wellbeing conversations and checks with our teams.

Why is your team not wearing PPE including gloves while preparing our food?

We are adhering to specific government advice with team members wearing face coverings (unless they are exempt where we ask them to wear a face shield) and are adhering to strict social distancing measures. Rather than wearing gloves which can lead to poor hygiene controls, our teams will follow a more robust process of handwashing on a regular basis (every 20 minutes).

How can you be sure COVID-19 doesn’t spread to food or packaging?

The latest scientific guidance from the government says there is little to no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread via food or packaging.

Do you check your teams’ temperatures before starting work, to ensure they are not asymptomatic or spreading the virus to your customers?

While government guidance is that temperature checking is not mandatory, we conduct daily and weekly health checks with our team members.

How can I be assured that your pizzerias are adhering to the latest health and safety guidance?

Every pizzeria has been inspected by our Quality and Safety team and once they are satisfied that government guidance has been adhered to, including social distancing measures in addition to our own robust health and safety procedures, they’ll be provided a with a signed and dated certificate to ensure the government guidance for social distancing processes is in place as well as our robust health and safety procedures.

What happens if a member of staff tests positive for COVID-19?

We have enacted our own internal Track and Trace system. If and when necessary, appropriate potential contacts are identified and isolated and customers will be contacted. We also work with external bodies where and when necessary.

Does Milano collect customer data for contact Tracing?

Yes; safety is our top priority, so we have several ways of collecting customer contact data including via our booking platform and digital menu. The data is stored securely for 21 days so that it can be shared with HSE contact tracing if required. We take data protection very seriously and will only share this data with validated officials for the purposes of contact tracing, if they formally request it.

When would Milano activate contact tracing at a pizzeria?

The local council, in tandem with HSE, manage contact tracing processes and decide what public health advice to give. Milano does not implement or run the contact tracing. Safety is our main priority, so we collect customer details routinely as one of our COVID-19 prevention measures and will provide it for contact tracing if requested.

My gift card is due to expire?

All gift cards due to expire between 10th March – 30th June 2021 have been extended to 31st August 2021. You can also still use for telephone orders for takeaway collection